Will you test positive for THC when taking HHC?

Will you test positive for THC when taking HHC?

HHC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that mimics the properties of THC, but is not THC and is currently “partially legal” in many parts of the world. HHC is now openly available for sale in both the US and Europe, where the law still doesn't know what to do with this compound. It is no coincidence that HHC has been dubbed “the legal THC”! 

HHC and drug testing have been one of the hottest questions since the recent launch of this alternative cannabinoid on the market. HHC sellers always tell you that their HHC will not make you test positive. So, is that really true? 

The answer is… technically, yes, it won’t make you test positive. However, there are still a few more things to consider.

HHC “may” be metabolized into a substance similar to the THC metabolites 

Most drug tests do not look for THC directly, but rather either 11-OH-THC and  9-carboxy-THC metabolites in your blood or urine. HHC is not converted to 9-carboxy-THC or 11-hydroxy-THC. However, it has been said that the metabolite of HHC has a similar structure to those of THC, and therefore carries the risk of causing a false positive drug test. This has not been proven by any research. However, we also cannot rule out a small possibility that this could happen..

HHC products can be contaminated with THC 

HHC is an unregulated market. Many HHC products on the market have a high probability of being contaminated with delta-8 or delta-9 THC. Although the amount of THC in those products may be small, if you take HHC regularly, or in large doses, THC can build up in your blood, causing you to fail a drug test. For the ultimate assurance, buy only HHC products from reputable manufacturers which can provide you with third-party certificates of analysis. Not only will this help you see if the HHC is contaminated with THC, but this can also tell you more about the terpene profile (if any), as well as the potential for toxic solvent/heavy metal residues.

Conclusion - TLDR 

In summary, technically, HHC probably won’t show up in your drug test. But there are still small risks. When buying HHC, best to look for reputable manufacturers that can provide you with all the necessary certificates of analysis.

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