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Grown outdoors in Italy. 100% natural product without added substances.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) - Third Party Lab Tests

  • THC: 0.5%
  • CBD: 13.23%
  • CBG: 0.23%
  • CBC: 0.11%
  • Sum of cannabinoids: 14.11%

Cannatonic is a very unique strain, which is popular due to its sharp aroma and compactness of sticks. 

Cannatonic - Magnifying

EAN-13 Barcode (1g):  8595668701366
EAN-13 Barcode (5g): 8595668701373

*The results refer to tested specimen only. Actual cannabinoid content may vary.

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Great product

As someone who works at home during this pandemic, I was looking for something that won’t cause too much of a high. Cannatonic is a very famous CBD strain and I have been wanting to try it for quite a while now. The result: it did not disappoint! The flowers smell amazing and are tightly packed! The effect is definitely there. My body feels relaxed after 15 minutes, but my thoughts are clear, which is a very unique experience. I can feel some rise in creativity too, but I’m not really sure if CBD can do this. May just be a placebo effect though.

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